Zhong Yuan Qi Gong, or ZYQ, was named after the Zhong Yuan region in China, where qi gong was believed to have first developed more than 7000 years ago. It is simple to learn and simple to practice, yet it is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. Practicing ZYQ is one of the most practical activities a person can do, as the exercises are beneficial to all aspects of life.

Practicality has been the guiding light for all of my spiritual journey of more than thirty-five years. What is effective, efficient, and enjoyable in an easily recognizable way is key in my approach to learning and teaching. While I know very well the qi gong forms that I teach, my gift is to explain the modern context that promotes enthusiasm for practicing. It’s all about practice, and when the value of context is understood as much as the forms, motivation – I believe – naturally occurs.